Reasons to partner with us:

  • We are India's leading Umbilical Cord Blood Bank which is committed to preserve life-saving stem cells for one’s family health needs.
  • We strive to innovate and deliver the latest regenerative medicine-based solutions for degenerative diseases.
  • With more than 12 years of uninterrupted journey, and more than 50000 strong customer-base across India, coupled with more than 2000 cases for Regrow biologic cell and gene therapy.
  • Envisioned an ambitious plan to develop and commercialize our platform technology via strategic partnerships in global markets. For facilitating this goal, we have established our presence in 3 world regions: India, Singapore and Houston, Texas.

If you are passionate about business or want to be an entrepreneur and are looking for the next big opportunity to create an impact on the millions of lives around you at the same time expand your business, then you can join hands with Biocell and become our business partner.

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