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Services During Lockdown

Cord Blood Banking Services During Lockdown Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Dear Expecting Parents, in the times of this COVID-19 outbreak, we are adhering to all regulations and guidelines issued by Government authorities related to containment of the Corona Virus. We are using our best efforts to minimize the impact of this COVID-19 outbreak on our services in order to continue to deliver the best possible services to our Clients.

Strict guidelines on hygiene and disinfection are followed at our laboratory irrespective of the current crisis. All machines, equipment, and material are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at frequent intervals. Additional precaution and safety measures, are taken considering the current situation.

Though we do not envisage much difficulty in the collection of sample as Medical Personnel, Para-medical and Hospital staff are allowed to travel during the curfew, there may be instances where public transport may not be available restricting the movement of Para-medic and/ or the logistics personnel.

For any queries related to our services we encourage you to connect to our team through digital medium or you can speak, text or write to us and we shall try to respond you promptly. Our team is committed to provide you the best services during this crucial time. You may reach out to us at 1800-209-0309 or Click Here To WhatsApp Us.

We thank you for your co-operation and regret if any inconvenience is caused to you during this curfew and Lockdown period.

Preservation Process

Cord blood preservation is a closed bag processes, hence no external risks to samples once collected at hospitals

Quality Control

QC testing is done through automated equipment and test results will be reported within stipulated time frame


Once your child’s sample is cryopreserved in LN 2 tanks (-196° C), you will receive a COA in next 30-40 days on your registered email ID

Post Cryopreservation

High level restrict access to the cryopreserved area allowing complete control on the long term safety of all samples

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